What is Asset Based Financing? We often think of Real Estate and Equipment as assets but Account Receivables, Purchase Orders (PO) and Contracts are assets too. That means that if you are a business with a strong cash flow or large order, you may qualify for financing to expand or stabilize your business. Future Point Capital specializes in providing business owners with asset based funding solutions. This is often the fastest approach to getting you the money you need fast. Whether your need is for specific Equipment or simply Working Capital, our team understands how to move quickly to help you.

General Equipment Financing & Healthcare Financing

Equipment is the heart of many operations, from construction to manufacturing to medical facilities. Every operation has some equipment need. But, sometimes a straight purchase is tough to pull off. We can help you either finance the equipment or take advantage of leasing the specific equipment you need. Talk to us about our options to see which is right for you.

A/R Financing & Purchase Order Financing
When your sales are good, expenses increase too. The team at Future Point Capital can help you find the right solution that will cover that gap created by strong orders.

Whether you have a straight forward need to purchase equipment, lease equipment, or just need some help getting past a dry spot with cash flow, we can help arrange the funding you need with many approaches. Our team will work closely with you to determine which option is the best fit for your situation.