Stated Income Streamlines Your Real Estate Financing

Are you tired of the piles of paperwork you encounter every time you apply for a new real estate loan? Perhaps the standard loan process has not been easy on you and you typically get turned down for commercial loans due to credit history issues.

There may be a better approach for you. It is called “stated income” commercial real estate financing and it could revolutionize how you invest in real estate.

You can use the stated income financing program to achieve a number of goals:

  • Purchase real estate
  • Make property improvements
  • Get working capital
  • Refinance

The Stated Income Difference

The primary concern in stated income commercial real estate loan approval is the piece of real estate in question; the credit score of the borrower comes second. The value of the real estate needs to be enough to cover the mortgage, interest, taxes, and insurance of the proposed financing. It does not matter if the type of real estate you buy is apartments, retail, or industrial, the real estate in question just needs to meet the value requirement.

Get on the Fast Track

This type of loan has a faster approval process because the amount of qualification documentation is much less than traditional financing. Our responsive professionals see that your lending experience goes smoothly.

Loan Facts

Here are some important points to note regarding stated income commercial real estate financing:

  • A wide variety of property types are applicable
  • Quick approval process
  • Value of the property in consideration is the primary qualification factor
  • You have flexibility in how you use your funds, such as purchasing, improving property, or refinancing
  • Fixed rates are available up to 25 years

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